Boishakhi Utsob -1431 as Bangla New Year Festival on 27 April 2024, Saturday

Dear Madam/ Sir, 

Embassy of Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi will celebrate Boishakhi Utsob -1431 as Bangla New Year Festival on 27 April 2024, Saturday at the SKBZ Bangladesh Islamia School premises on Muroor Road in association with the school and Bangladesh community members. Bangla New Year Festival is traditionally celebrated in Bangladesh as well as by the Bangladesh community living abroad as a big social event in April in a festive and highly colorful manner. During this celebration they prepare traditional foods, cakes and share with their friends and relatives as Baishakhi Utsob.

During the Festival different kind of traditional food, dresses, accessories, handicrafts would be displayed & sold at different stalls by Bangladesh community for the whole day. The day-long program is as follows:

1000 Hours

Formal Opening

1500 Hours

Sports for Children

1600 Hours

Short Discussion

1615 Hours

SKBZ Students Performance

1630 hours

Cultural Program

1730 hours

Awarding Ceremony & Raffle Draw

1800 Hours


Venue details:

SKBZ Bangladesh Islamia School & College, Maroor Road, Abu Dhabi.

218 31st St - near Abu Dhabi Co-op Society - Al Muntazah - Zone 1 - Abu Dhabi

You are cordially invited along with your family and friends to enjoy this joyous celebration.